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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers services offered in Lakewood, OH

Few things can transform the appearance of your smile more than porcelain veneers. This treatment is one of many advanced services available from Niki Cochran, DDS, of CLE Smiles by Dr. Niki in Lakewood, Ohio. To learn more about dental veneers and how they can benefit you, book a visit online or over the phone at a time that’s best for you. 

Porcelain Veneers Q & A

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that completely covers the visible portion of your front teeth with a thin layer of porcelain. Most people only need veneers on the front four upper teeth, but you can also have veneers placed on your lower teeth depending on the curve of your smile. 

Every set of porcelain veneers is unique and crafted to fit the patient’s specific dental contouring. Before they’re applied, dental veneers look like wafer-thin “shells” of slightly translucent porcelain. 

Veneers have long been a preferred treatment for celebrities and public figures. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, veneers are much more affordable and available to many more patients. 

What kinds of cosmetic issues can porcelain veneers improve?

Veneers offer the ability to address multiple cosmetic issues with the same treatment. This makes porcelain veneers a great value compared to having many treatments to correct cosmetic concerns. 

Some of the aesthetic issues dental veneers can improve include:

  • Discoloration that doesn’t improve with teeth whitening
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Minor misalignment
  • Abnormally shaped or sized teeth

Dental veneers allow Dr. Niki to design a smile that aligns perfectly with your mouth’s shape and other facial features. 

What are the steps involved in getting porcelain veneers?

Getting dental veneers requires several office visits, but the end result is well worth the wait. On your first visit, digital imaging gives Dr. Niki more insight into the structure of your teeth and bone tissue. If you have existing dental decay or gum disease, you may need to address those issues before moving forward with veneers. 

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Niki administers an injection of numbing medication to help you rest comfortably during your visit. She then removes a small portion of your tooth enamel to make room for the new veneers. 

A set of dental impressions gives the dental lab the specifications needed to craft your custom porcelain veneers. Dr. Niki applies a temporary set of veneers to protect your teeth until the new veneers arrive. 

You then return to have the porcelain veneers checked for appearance and fit before Dr. Niki cements them into place. This completes the treatment, and your new smile is ready to share right away. 

If you have additional questions about dental veneers, call CLE Smiles by Dr. Niki or book online to schedule a face-to-face consultation. 

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